WEATHER: Its hot and being mid summer in Cabo it is nothing new but we are experiencing a much hotter year than previous summers. I have been here a long time, and this is pretty extreme as far as heat goes. Highs are pushing 100 degrees about every day except for today, We don't expect any changes in daytime temperatures so if you're coming to Cabo expect some pretty warm days.

WATER: Hasn't changed much in over a week the warm water is here to stay awhile and it feels like a bathtub if you spend time in it. The temps I noticed on the Tempbreak map was 85 to 90 degrees, which is pretty warm all over. If we could get some decent weather I think the fishing would be off the hook.

BILLFISH: Blue Marlin fishing has been hot this past week with some being landed in the 250lb range to 550lbs. The warm water has brought in the Blues but we aren't really complaining as it has been an action filled week for sport fishing in Cabo. There has been like 1 to 3 Blues being hooked ever day over last week. Most of the big Blues were hitting live bait and lures from the 95 spot to the 1150. The Striped Marlin fishing has been much slower due we think, to the really warm water, as the Stripers prefer the water a little cooler than we have right now. Sailfish fishing has been pretty hot also this past week with multiple fish being fought and landed, of course we always like to release any Billfish we land. Every year about this time when the Tuna and Dorado fishing slow lots of the crews on the sportfishing boats will want to kill there catches, including Marlin. Please DO NOT give in to this request and explain the charter company and the crew before you leave the dock that you are not into killing the Marlin. Explain that you want to release any Marlin or Sailfish caught. Please practice CATCH and RELEASE for your kids and grand kids have the same experiences as you and your family now.

DORADO: Dorado fishing really isn't happening right now and we really aren't sure when it will kick into gear, its basically a hit and miss deal if you want Dorado. As we have been reporting the Dorado fishing hasn't really kicked into gear this year or even last year. There has been some caught this past week, and it is better than last week. Most of the fish caught were smaller ones but they are out there and we are happy about that.

SWORDFISH: Hasn't heard of any caught this week.

WAHOO: Not to many reported over this past week.

TUNA: : A few Tuna caught while we were fishing for Marlin with lures. There was one Tuna landed at around 70lbs but the rest were like football size fish.

INSHORE: Really about the same as last week, lots of Roosters up and arounf the Old Light House. Roosters are still the story if the week if you are inshore fishing. The Old Light House seems to be where the inshore action is happening. So jump into a Panga and head up there you might get in on some smaller game action.

May 29 to June 4, 2015
Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 95%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 89%, Other 43%
BILLFISH: A superb week in Cabo with superb catches throughout the week. The good old days are back! Striped marlin were thick and a few sailfish and blue marlin were in the mix too.  11.50 spot, which has been holding impressive numbers of marlin for the past two weeks. Also 180 lb. thresher shark, 120 lb. pilot shark both released and a 20 lb. dorado for the table. Go Deeper released 27 marlin for the week doing an excellent job on releases we many catches like this for all vessels this week. Anglers regularly caught and released between one and five marlin, as well as many sharks. One of our vessels was our only boat to catch a blue marlin, just under 200 lbs., and this one was caught five miles outside the 11.50.  Anglers caught a total of 154 striped marlin, 1 blue marlin and 2 sailfish; all but two fish were released.
OTHER SPECIES: A lot of sharks were caught this week and many of a good size in the 80 to 180 lb. class. The most abundant was the pilot shark, which we believe is a silky shark – we had twenty two of these this week, as well as three thresher sharks, one bull shark and one mako shark. Some boats caught as many as three sharks in a day. It should be noted that all sharks are being released at this time as there is a ban on taking these until July 31st. Just a smattering of dorado were caught.
LOCATION: 11.50 spot, Chileno, Punta Gorda.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Hot, clear sunny skies, calm to moderate seas.
BEST LURES: Live bait.

5/18 5/26
WEATHER: We had really great we really can't complain. We did have a few showers yesterday and some rain accumulation which we always need. Other than that it has been really nice with sunny day's highs hitting close to 100 degrees s and lows, I expect are dropping into the mid 60,s. The breeze off the Pacifc has been cooling things off pretty good.
WATER: Pretty much the same as last week as far as the water temps go.The water right outside Cabo Harbor is right around 72 to 74 degrees and actually pretty nice. Pacific side up and around the Finger Baja where it was dipping down to 69 degrees is still cold up there and it is like night and day compared to the Pacific side and the Cortez side.
This link which will show you water temperatures for the southern half of Baja.
BILLFISH: The Marlin fishing has turned around big time and we are even seeing some Blue Marlin being caught this past week. One of the Blues was 300lbs and the other was 235lbs not to be for this time of year. The 1150 spot and in the area of the 95 had been the hot Marlin areas and live bait and trolling has been enticing them. Actually, most boats have been reporting at least 2 - 5 hook ups per charter.
DORADO: It has been pretty darn good this week with lots of smaller Dorado being landed in some pretty large schools. They have been spotted all over the place over the last week. Everything is really out of wack this year as we shouldn't be seeing to many Dorado right now, but we should be seeing more winter fish like Yellowtail and they haven't really even showed up all year. But some occasional bites here and there.
WAHOO: There was a few caught over the week and one really nice one tipping the scales at 110lbs about 2 miles from Cabo Bay up towards Grey Rock. The fish were hitting rapalas, jet heads and live bait.
TUNA: Well, here again we are seeing some decent action this past week and that's great since we haven't seen too much lately. We caught like 5 smaller Tuna but there was a 250lb Tuna caught in the same area. We haven't seen any Tuna in weeks, so anything right now is good for us.
INSHORE: Most Rooster fish are being caught near the Light House on live bait .A few Groupers and Sheephead in and around the Pedregal Rocks. There are Skip Jacks, Yellow Tail and Sierra on the Pacific side that are there and can be caught close to shore. I mean there is all kinds of fish in this area to catch and its not like we are getting skunked but it has been down compared to normal. All in All the fishing Great with our vessels this past week and we aren't knocking them dead.

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 79%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 74%, Dorado 12%, Other 29%
BILLFISH: Most Boats headed to the 11.50 spot on April 17th, MOST boats released four marlin to 8 Marlins up to 130 lbs., which all took live caballito. We saw a definite improvement the second half of this report when boats regularly caught between one and three marlin giving us a total catch of 118 stripers of which all but one were released.
OTHER SPECIES: The most notable catch was a mako shark we heard of that came in around 9.00 pm on April 18th – . We know it was caught aboard a boat called Griscelda and seeing as the scale was closed the weight was estimated at 250-350 lbs. – more details to follow shortly. Nevertheless this is the largest Mako we have seen in years, with the average weight usually around 40 to 80 lbs. Dorado catches had a bit of a comeback with twelve percent of boats catching one or two fish over a widespread area in the 15 to 30 lb. class. Smaller game catches, mostly inshore, were pretty good accounting for forty nine percent of our catches. There were lots of skipjack, sierra on some days, roosterfish, needlefish, amberjack, jack crevalle, triggerfish and a couple of smallish wahoo.
LOCATION: Old lighthouse, Los Arcos, Margaritas, Cerros de Arena, 95 spot, 11.50 spot & Palmilla.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear, sunny skies, light winds all week, causing some whitecaps on the Pacific.
Lures: Zunkers 3.5 Zucchini
and Live bait.

This week we had picture perfect weather, flat seas, tons of whales, lots of fish; but they weren't many billfish. The catch rate for marlin remains low even though this week more fish were spotted and our catch rate climbed a few points up to sixteen percent. Slowly but surely more fish are being caught. This week we did have a full moon which usually means slower catches due to the fish gorging all night with better visibility and not being so hungry during the day. Nobody got more than one marlin in a day, but more boats were able to achieve that single fish. All the fishing was on the Pacific side and some quite close.
OTHER SPECIES: Practically every boat out caught dorado this past week, with the catches varying from one to twelve fish per boat in the 15 to 25 lb. class. Dorado took a variety of live bait such as caballito, sardines and ballyhoo as well as lures; in other words they were hungry. Ninety five percent of our charters caught dorado giving us a total of 233 fish. A few of the boats went strictly for small game and did well on sierra up to 6 lbs.
LOCATION: Pacific, Old Lighthouse to Golden Gate, with Pozo de Cota, Margaritas and Cerro del Golden being the most productive.
WEATHER: Perfect in every sense.
BEST LURES: Live caballito, ballyhoo, green, orange/black.

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 93%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 12%, Dorado 83%, Wahoo 39% Other 16%
BILLFISH: Pretty slow numbers for billfish this week, but that is not to say that fishing is slow. There was a lot of activity but mostly on dorado.  Released 6 marlin between 100 and 120 lbs at the Cerros de Arena on live caballito and landed a dorado,  also had an outstanding catch this same day in front of the Old Lighthouse,  Also released a 120 lb striped marlin then went on to catch six dorado up to 25 lbs and a small wahoo. Tracy Ann always seems to be in the news and this week was no exception; on January 25th a group of Canadian anglers were on board fishing at the Cerro del Golden when they were fortunate to hook and successfully release two striped marlin up to 130 lbs and boat four dorado. Pisces top of the line 55ft Flora T II, had an excellent day for Javier & Mario Gonzalez from Austin, Texas who had fun fighting a 130 lb striped marlin that again took a live caballito and then went on to land three wahoo and a couple of dorado. So what's going on with the marlin? It's hard to say but the season seems to be messed up – warmer than normal, less bait and then when we spot them they don't seem to be hungry. The water is a great color there is plenty of marine life; tons of bait in the bay which the sea lions are feasting on – we even saw a school of porpoise less than 500 yards off of the Hotel Hacienda – guess we have to patient. Pisces anglers caught a total of eleven striped marlin this week.
OTHERS SPECIES: Dorado dominated this week, being found over a wide location but mostly on the Pacific between the Old Ligthouse and Golden Gate. Top catch was aboard Pisces Rebecca for Suzanne & Chris Rafetto from Los Angeles, Ca. they were fortunate to catch fifteen fish up to 25 lbs, releasing a good many of them at the Cerro del Golden on a combination of bait and lures. Other catches ranged from one to ten fish with sizes from 12 to 30 lbs. A whopping eighty three percent of our boats caught dorado giving us a total fish count of 242 fish, with kill limits respected. Wahoo catches remain the best they have been in years; even though the fish are small they still make a delicious meal. Peter Mann & Dean Sjoyren has one of the better wahoo days, catching seven on rapalas off of Gaspareno as well as two dorado aboard Tracy Ann. John Vinzant & friends were not far behind with five caught aboard Ruthless also on rapalas with a couple of dorado added to their catch around the 20 lb mark. Another group from Canada headed up by Terrance Henry from Alberta, caught one of the biggest fish of the week, a 150 lb pilot shark which was released – they also got a dorado for the table. Inshore some of the boats caught sierra, a few needle fish and skipjacks.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Unusually cloudy with light rain showers, now clear. Seas calm with wind coming out of the Cortez on some days.
LOCATION: Pacific – Old Lighthouse to Golden Gate
BEST LURES: Live caballito, rapalas, green colors.

Water cooled to 73 to 75 degrees which is boosting the Sierra numbers and making for some good inshore fishing. It seems even on the Sea of Cortez side the water is colder than it was a week ago. Pretty much our whole fishing grounds now we are seeing water temperatures drop to lower to mid 70,s. This link which will show you water temperatures for the southern half of Baja.
BILLFISH: Good numbers of Marlin caught through out the fleet. Most being landed on live bait and lures from the Light House to Migrino. It has kinda been hit and miss for Marlin and now we see the Dorado fishing is getting good again. So we always have some sort of fishing action in Cabo whether its Billfish or Wahoo the area is rich with sea life. We are lucky!!!!
DORADO: The Dorado are here in good numbers again as we are on a full moon and the fishing has got really good again!!!! It just goes to show you when you think you have figured it out with the moon phases it changes on you. The fish being landed are not only in abundance but they are also good size Dorado!!! Lots of Dorado and most are 25lb to 40lb and the hot areas are Rancho Migrino working the fish tight to the beach on lures, cut bait and ballyhoo. It has been hard to get the Ballyhoo so you will be lucky to get your hands on some.
WAHOO: Lots of small Wahoo running down riggers, jet heads and rapalas. Still pretty good Wahoo action!! Most on rapalas and jet heads and not real big fish being caught as most are 12lb to 25lbs.
TUNA: A few boats have been running into the Tuna and it seem to be showing up outside of San Jamie Banks about 22 miles out and some of fish running with the Porpoise with lots of Tuna being caught via blind strike with weights in the 12lb to 30lb range. Cedar plugs and king busters are working well in landing the Tuna. Its that time of year where we don't know when and where we are going to run into the Tuna action.!!!
INSHORE: Sierras showing up in good numbers!!!! With a great morning bite and also right before sundown on hootchies and small rapalas. Lots of the Sierras are being landed in front of the Finisterra Hotel. Also keep on the look out for Rooster Fish and Red Snappers. The fishing inshore is still pretty good

WEATHER: Starting to see it cool down some as nights and daytime temperatures have been getting cooler and not as intense as they were. The last couple days especially have been cooler at night with a nice breeze coming in off the Pacific. I think we are seeing some change after a long, hard and long summer, not to mention the hurricane. Highs are in the mid 80,s and lows in the ladder 60,s which is pretty normal for this time of year, but last year it seemed to stay warm all year. Anyway, its pleasant and I think you will all enjoy this weather if you come on down and experience it yourself. We aren't in Buffalo, New York You will appreciate it.
WATER: Warm water still lingering in our area , Up as far north as the Finger Bank and south to Golden Gate and San Jamie banks. Whatever The case that warm water has been good for fishing.
BILLFISH: Well the fishing has been historical and some of the best Ive seen in 23 years in Cabo. The Marlin fishing is just off the hook with lots of Stripped Marlin up on the Pacific side near San Jamie Banks. In the same area there is even mucho Sailfish being landed. Reports of 3 Blue Marlin and 1 Black Marlin also being hooked and released and it seems they are being brought in using live bait, skip jack and lures. We had thought and normally by this time of year the Blues and Blacks have left our area so it's good to still them hanging out in our fishing grounds.
DORADO: The Dorado fishing has been excellent this past week from the Pump House to Rancho Migrino with lots of fish in the 20lb to 30lb pound range being landed and they are being caught on striped bait, rapalas and live bait. In the Sea of Cortez the Dorado fishing has been off the hook also so really the whole of our fishing grounds is producing lots of Dorado.
WAHOO: The Wahoo fishing has been crazy with most of the fish not huge but in the 12lb to 20lb range. Our own Bite Me Bob Marlin boat landed 23 fish and I know this as fact cause it was me on the boat landing the fish. We did have 2 of the Wahoo over 40lb and all the fish were caught on rapalas fast trolled at about 9 knots from the Arch all the way up to the Pump House and about a ½ mile off the beach
TUNA: The Tuna fishing is going nuts with many fish in the 20lb range on average, but there has also been some huge ones caught pushing the scales at 100lb to 180lb respectively and they were brought to Griceldas Smokehouse to be vacuum packed and smoked. That's good eating man!!! The big ones were caught at the doughnut about 18 miles off the beach and they were landed using live bait, flying fish and gummies also using the kite with cedar plugs and lures.
INSHORE: The pangas have been doing really well inshore for Dorado and even the Wahoo fishing has been good tight to the beach. The productive areas are from the Solmar all the way to the Pump House. Some Roosters reported landed in the surf and I did hear reports of a few Grouper and Red Snappers being caught close to shore in about 50ft of water using cut bait.

Anglers caught a total of 74 billfish this week, consisting of 63 striped marlin, 6 blue marlin and 5 sailfish.
OTHER SPECIES: Dorado could be counted on most days to keep fishermen busy as they reeled in fish up to 30 lbs., with as many as eight being caught per boat. The best place to find dorado was on the Pacific between Los Arcos and Migrino.Also a  mako shark that the captain Roberto estimated to be 200 lbs., they wanted to release it and usually would cut the line as close to the hook as possible. Also anglers reported catching and releasing a couple of roosterfish, a red snapper, grouper, needlefish, five skipjacks and a couple of bonita. We had several wahoo this week, with the largest 48 lbs. caught.
LOCATION: Golden Gate, Pozo de Cota, Migrino, San Jaime, Punta Gorda, Margaritas, 11.50 spot, Destiladeras.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Perfect all week.
BEST LURES: Live caballito, live skipjack, green/black, black/red, and orange/black.
Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 93%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 73%, Dorado 60%, Tuna 13%, other 20%
Tuna from the 30 to 200lb.

Fleet has had great success in the last few days out on the water after the Hurricane. WE ARE FISHING AGAIN!
First boat went out and returned with 26 Dorado and had released 8.

Next day 3 Vessels went out and our Anglers brought in a 300 lb Blue Marlin along with 180 lb Striped Marlin. Things are good!

Yesterday October 1, We caught 2 Marlin and 3 got away…..and 2 big dorado.

No matter how you look at it….FISHING IS AWESOME AND CABO ANGLERS ARE BACK!!!!!
Cant wait for the Tournaments for this month.

We will win some big Money.  Fishing with the best !